Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February 10, 2009

"I lie when I tell him I trust him. Since my ex, I'm so scared of being cheated on again or dumped for no reason. It's been 3 years together, he's not like my ex at all, and we live together, but I'm still so afraid."

Well... My computer crashed the other night... I'm working on getting it back up and running... Until then, lies will be hard to post.

I apologize.


Anonymous said...

I completely understand that you are scared and it is incredibly hard to let go of the painful past you have been through. But you deserve better than to spend your whole life fearful that this will happen again. It is scary, but try to let go of this hurt. It is not fair to your boyfriend to be compared to your ex, when you know they are not anything alike. Maybe try talking to someone, or even to your boyfriend, about this. Although they can do horrible things, guys often can be very understanding as well. This may help bring you two closer, and hopefully you will learn to trust him, and no longer live in this fear.
I know it is extremely hard, and it is so much easier to stick with what you know, but you and your boyfriend deserve better. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I feel like a terrible person. My boyfriend died about a month ago, and I'm already seeing someone else. In reality, he's just filling the void my boyfriend left when he died.