Friday, December 5, 2008

December 5, 2008

I'm so happy to see how well this has taken off!

Thank you to everyone who has texted/sent me their lie.
I love every one I get.


"My lie: I'm okay."

"I told her I wouldn't be mad if she didn't choose me... Truth is, my heart is going to break into a million pieces."

"My mom asked me why I smell like smoke. I said it was because of my friends. It's really because of me..."

"Lie: I didn't ask, not because I didn't get the chance, but because I don't want her there."


"I lied when I told her I didn't cut myself today... I told her I wrote Love so I wouldn't be tempted to cut. But, in reality, the word Love is covering the cuts."

"I lied about having sex when my mom asked."

250-British Columbia
"My lie: I tell him I love him daily, he doesn't know he's not the only "him."

"My lie: I said, "I love you." Worse yet, I tell myself that my ex-husband sends in PostSecrets, kicking himself for leaving us!"

843-South Carolina
"Today (and everyday) I lie about being ok. I'm so depressed that I sleep 12 hours everyday just so I don't have to face reality."


"My lie: I got better.
I'll never go back, but… I've become the person I promised myself I'd never become again.
And it's costing me the love of my life…"

"My lie: I tell people I'm too busy studying, but in reality, I'm just online chatting with complete strangers who make better company than them."


Anonymous said...

My lie was that I wanted to get up this morning.

Anonymous said...

lie: I'm okay

Truth: I was raped and I want everyone to know, hold me tight, and let me know that it'll be okay

602 Arizona