Monday, December 29, 2008

December 29, 2008

Only a few more days of 2008 is left... It feels like 2000 was 3 days ago. Haha

I got a lie IMed to my phone today. Those ones always make me giggle.

"I lied, I don't want to fall asleep without you."

"I was lying when I said I was okay, but I wasn't lying when I said, "I really do hate life."

313- Michigan
"I lied. I still think about suicide. I am still depressed. Lying is easier."

I've gotten hooked on this damn Twilight Saga. Haha
Tay Tay & I are reading them together. It's crazy.
I'm currently pissed off at Edward & Jacob. Hahaha


Victoria said...

No worries, I get mad at Edward and Jacob too.

Anonymous said...

i STILL can't believe that you don't like edward. he's my edward and you shall never diss him lol.

know who this is yet? lol